Installing Your Bike I.D. Plate

Bike I.D. plates have been mailed to each registered participant for this year’s Tour de Mississauga event.

When you receive your Registration Kit, you will find a Bike I.D. plate (see image below) and four (4) zip times.


Please follow the instructions below to attach the Bike I.D. plate to your bicycle handlebar.


Take the zip ties and check if they are long enough to wrap around your bicycle handlebar. If you have thicker handlebars, please connect two (2) zip ties together to make one (1) longer zip tie.

Step 1


Put the zip ties through the holes in your Bike I.D. plate and wrap the zip ties around your handlebar. Close the zip tie to attach the Bike I.D. plate to your handlebars.

Step 2


"Bike I.D's are required to participate in this year's Tour de Mississauga event. Please ensure that you have your Bike I.D. secured to your bicycle handlebars before attending the event"